AR-06 High Back Leisure Chair

color: Matcha


KLT Furniture-AR-06 High Back Beech Leg Lounge Chair

Casual small sofa/high-back leisure chair

A comfortable and beautiful leisure chair/leisure chair not only improves the comfort of the body, but also improves the taste of life. Therefore, KLT Office Furniture has collected different styles of leisure chairs and recommended leisure chairs for you. Under the excellent craftsmanship, combined with a variety of materials, from simple and simple lines to retro charm, the lounge chair has become a single product that can add texture to the home or company, bringing details to the daily routine.

In addition, in recent years, there has been a trend in office design in Hong Kong, which is to pay more and more attention to the brain potential of employees. Therefore, some leisure chairs will be added in the corners or main spaces of the office, so that employees can come here suddenly when they are relaxing. Inspiration brings creativity, and these leisure chairs/leisure chairs with special shapes and bright colors also brighten the office environment.
Especially place a few leisure chairs in the leisure area/tea room of the office. Everyone can enjoy leisure time after work. Sit on the leisure chairs and drink a cup of coffee to refresh yourself. Not as formal as dining chairs and office chairs, it has some small personality, which can bring double visual and physical comfort to people.

The Lounge Chair is an elegantly designed office chair inspired by the ridged scallop shell. The chair is designed with vertical lines made using the embossing technique. These lines provide good support for the back when sitting down, thus providing ample comfort. The lounge chair is available with or without arms and in a variety of colours. Customers can choose between 4 legs and a star base in wood or metal.

● Office chairs with and without arms
● Elegant design inspired by scallop shells
● Available with 4 legs and a star base
● Fabric upholstery
● Multiple colors to choose from

High Back Lounge Chair Ottoman

Robert Admiral's NEST easy chair was inspired to create a comfortable chair for the modern home and can be made in a variety of color schemes. The resulting chair is simple and light, yet elegant thanks to its curved and rounded shape.

The rounded shape of the wraparound back makes it a very comfortable chair for a variety of casual settings.


Item No:


Product Size(Cm):

L700*W655*H755mm SH340mm

Standard Color:

Matcha, Blue, Black, White, Gray

Seat Material:




  • Dimensions (mm): L700*W655*H755mm SH340mm
  • Standard colors: matcha, blue, black, white, gray
  • Seat Material: Plastic
  • Legs: Beech

Features and Applications

  • Home movie theater
  • Lounge
  • balcony
  • Newly designed guest rooms, extra rooms and vacation homes with added comfort and elegance.
  • Frame construction has been rigorously tested to simulate home and traffic
  • Environmental or improved durability.
  • Legs: Durable, scientifically constructed, strong enough to sit on.
  • Durable frame and wooden legs.
  • Note: Colors may vary slightly due to lighting effects.
  • Add a pillow, great for the neck or lower back.

●WIDE APPLICATION: Perfect for cafe, restaurant, patio, diner or any other occasion.

(If outside, it is recommended that you put a cover outside to protect from rain)

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