KC-137 Metal Leg Stacking Chair

color: Black


KLT FURNITURE-DC-137 Metal Leg Stacking Chair 

The stacking chair is a traditional Chinese folding chair, which is both practical and elegant. The simple design has been used for centuries and remains a popular choice for the modern home. Not only is it easy to store and transport, but it also adds a touch of culture and history to any space. Stacking chairs are perfect for small apartments or homes where space is limited, and its portability makes it such a practical choice.

Many modern designers have also been inspired by the minimalist design of the stacking chair and incorporated it into their work. It is a timeless piece that will add a touch of elegance and cultural significance to any home.

Have you ever sat in a stacking/ training chair before? It's designed to provide comfortable seating, perfect for small apartments or homes where space is limited. Are you still looking for Bucket Stools/Folding Chairs/Folding Stools around? Available now on our website. For more information, please contact us directly. We believe stacking chairs will be a valuable addition to any space, providing both function and style.

  • Dimensions (mm): 560*490*825
  • Material: plastic, metal
  • Color: Black/White/Grey/Ginger/Navy


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