KFLY-KH-02 Wooden Leg Fabric Chair

color: HY5000


KLT FURNITURE-KFLY-KH-02 Wooden Leg Fabric Chair

The Lounge chair is suitable for the living room. It can take into account the flavor and taste, and immediately enhance the overall atmosphere of the living room. Inspired by the texture of shells, the designer reinterprets this texture in the form of embossing on the KFLY series, with a smooth and three-dimensional touch. The design is simple and very comfortable for family chatting.

Inspired by the texture of seashells, the designer reinterpreted this texture on the KFLY series with embossing techniques, which is smooth and three-dimensional to the touch. The design is simple and very comfortable, suitable for family chatting together.

A Lounge chair  should not only be comfortable, but also beautiful. Our lounge chairs are comfortable even after prolonged sitting. We KLT Office Furniture have different styles of lounge chairs, modern designer chair, dining chairsand benches office & work chairs bar stool & low stools, side chair, sofa, ottoman, benchs, multi-functional chair and outdoor seating

to choose from. Under the exquisite craftsmanship, combined with a variety of materials, from simple and simple lines to retro charm, the lounge chair has become a perfect place for your home or business. A single product that adds texture can take into account both flavor and taste, and immediately improve the overall atmosphere of the living room.

Are you looking for a comfortable lounge chair that can accompany you to spend countless good times? Whether it's a traditional classic high back armchair, or a stylish design with a modern twist, we have a wide range of styles for you to choose from. No matter which one you choose, it's sure to become a favorite corner of your company/home. It looks equally stylish alone or with a sofa. Find the perfect lounge chair for your home now.

  • Dimensions (mm): 595*585*850.
  • Material: polyester, aluminum alloy, steel pipe
  • Fabric selection: HY series, leather, YM wool cloth.
  • Inspired by the texture of shells, the designer applied this texture to the embossing process of the SYS series, which has a smooth and three-dimensional touch

KLT Design Chair Polyester Color Swatch Samples

Please note that colors on your computer screen may vary from actual colors. Samples are available in our showroom for final review.

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