MT201 Desk Riser Workstation

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Desk lifters (also known as desk lifters/desk lift desks) are designed for those who need the flexibility to change posture and position, then store them away when not using the safety lock system. It's an affordable alternative to large and often immovable standard height-adjustable desks.

Product Features

  • Slim Design
  • Single handle, height adjustment with one hand
  • 5-level height adjustment
  • Flexible and lightweight design
  • Table top size: (W) 660 x (H) 470mm
  • Color: Black
  • Load capacity: 8 KG

A desk height desk is like a small workbench placed on top of a table. Both automatic and non-automatic. There is no need to replace the original table, it can be carried with you, and it is small in size and does not take up space. It can be placed directly on sofa tables, dining tables, and desks, and can be used without assembly. Just hold the adjustment handle to adjust the table to a suitable height. With this table, you will no longer have to bend over when enjoying food or surfing the Internet!

If you sit for a long time at work, it is easy to cause symptoms such as cardiovascular disease, tight shoulders, neck and waist, and abdominal relaxation. If you work while standing, you can relieve the burden on your shoulders and neck in a timely manner, and can effectively inhibit the attack of sleep demons. In addition, because the muscles of the waist and back are used unconsciously when standing, the calories and calories consumed are higher than those when sitting, which means that the risk of gaining weight can be reduced by standing while working.

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