Cut sofa


Cut sofa follows the design thinking of "less is more", adopts the square cutting technique to skillfully cut ordinary squares, presents a simple and powerful modeling form, and then fits the human body to adjust the detail size, and the square cutting sofa was born. The armrest and back of the cut sofa are wrapped with the cushion, giving people a full sense of security. The incised corner of absorption and the rounded corner of edge are all carefully designed details. The throw of the back fits the human body and has a comfortable sitting feeling. Cut sofa has a wide range of use space, in the space to meet a variety of office ,leisure, entertainment, negotiation needs, can be combined with other products to meet different use space.

Following the design idea of ​​"less is more", the square-cutting sofa adopts the method of cutting squares to cut ordinary squares ingeniously, and then presents a simple and powerful modeling state, and then adjusts the fine size to fit the human body , the cut square sofa was born.
The arms and back of the cut-square sofa are covered with cushions, giving people a sense of security of ten feet. The inward cut corners and edge rounded corners are carefully designed details, and the throw of the backrest fits the human body, providing a comfortable sitting feeling.
The cut-square sofa has a wide range of use spaces, which can meet the needs of various office, leisure, entertainment, and trendy chats in the space, and can be combined with other products to fully use different spaces.

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