cloth table screen


KLT FURNITURE- cloth table screen

The office needs to separate different seats, and the desk screen is indispensable. It can be used in different places according to different needs, and can be easily disassembled when it is not needed for convenient use.

This screen is made of 100% PET and fabric with PET board as the core material and fabric covering. A variety of combinations form a simple but classic sound-absorbing office space.

Dimensions:800 x 600 mm
1200 x 600 mm
1400 x 600 mm
1600 x 600 mm
1800 x 600 mm

- Sound Absorbing
- Nailable

The adjustable table screen clamp is made of metal, hidden and fixed with the screen, and can clamp the thickness of 16mm-40mm.

*More sizes and colors can be customized

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