KH-077C Training chair


KLT FURNITURE- KH-077C Training chair 

The school training chair is a chair specially designed for schools and educational institutions. Here are their benefits. Provide a comfortable learning environment for students: The school training chairs are designed to be comfortable and provide an ergonomic seat for students, reducing the discomfort and fatigue of students when they sit for long periods of time. Improve students' learning efficiency: A comfortable learning environment can stimulate students' enthusiasm for learning, enhance students' interest and motivation in learning, and then improve learning efficiency. Save classroom space: School training chairs are generally designed to be superimposed and nestable, which is convenient for storage and saves classroom space. High Durability: The school training chair is made of strong material, not easy to damage, and can be used for many years. Suitable for students of different ages: School training chairs are designed in a variety of ways to meet the needs of students of different ages, such as height adjustable, backrest adjustment and other functions.

The modern and stylish design of Yuexiang task chair balances comfort, high value and unique style. Its multifunctional and flexibly adjustable seat design is suitable for multipurpose office environments, including private office spaces, conference rooms, office workstations and open office spaces, all of which can bring you health and relaxation work every day.


  • Size (mm): 930*555
  • Color: Black
  • Black nylon fiberglass chair body (with reclining function)
  • Styling sponge
  • PP fixed handrails
  • 25 tube 1.8mm thick black spray painted chair frame
  • 50mm black nylon wheels

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