KH-271C-X Training Chair


KLT FURNITURE- KH-271C-X Training Chair 

The advantage of using a training chair with a handwriting board is to promote the interaction of learning and discussion. Students can use the tablet to take notes and draw, and in the process of knowledge sharing and discussion with teachers and classmates, it can enhance learning experience and improve learning efficiency. In addition, the design of the training chair is also a factor that considers learning efficiency. Proper posture and comfortable seating can reduce physical fatigue and help students concentrate on their studies. Venue lighting and sound equipment can also improve learning efficiency and comfort. For schools, providing good training chair facilities can not only improve the learning environment and teaching quality, but also increase the image and attractiveness of the school, which is conducive to enrollment and long-term development of the school.


  • Nylon plus fiberglass chair back (with reclining function)
  • Moulding sponge, nylon fixed armrest
  • Black spray-painted chair frame, aluminum alloy movable casting connection on the back, solid steel support seat plate, with aluminum alloy movable link, the seat plate can be turned over
  • Writing board with aluminum alloy bracket, including water cup holder writing board surface

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