FLISH-B Conference chair

color: 白色


KLT FURNITURE- FLISH-B Conference chair 

Training chairs can provide the following benefits: Improved comfort: The comfort of training chairs is higher than that of ordinary chairs, which can reduce the pressure on the spine when sitting for a long time, and reduce low back pain and fatigue. Improve posture: The design of the training chair can help maintain correct sitting posture, reduce the load and pressure on the body when sitting for a long time, and help improve posture. Improve efficiency: A comfortable seat can make the human body feel better, more emotionally stable, and improve learning or work efficiency. Promote health: The design of the training chair can promote blood circulation and help prevent muscle fatigue and back pain. In short, choosing a suitable training chair can not only improve learning or work efficiency, but also help maintain a good sitting posture and promote health

The design inspiration of the FLISH series of multifunctional training chairs comes from fish. By extracting the line elements of the fish body, a chair with a unique shape and a strong sense of design is created. The overall lines are smooth,The perfect proportion carefully calculated, can effectively avoid any visual heaviness, The chair is available with and without armrests,Lightweight and sturdy,Easy to pack and transport.The standard color of the chair adopts two never ending colors Main color Elegant white,Classic black.There are rows of fasteners on both sides of the chair,perfect connection,Easily realize the row function

Skillful use of nature, simulation of nature, careful observation of unmodified textures in nature, seems to be able to glimpse the veins of life. Use textures to recreate, and think about the meaning of life in the process. FLISH utilizes the structure of living things. From the perspective of humanization, not only in material, but also in spirit, we pursue the integration and innovation of diversified designs, such as tradition and modernity, nature and human beings, art and technology, subjectivity and objectivity, individual and the public, reflecting dialectical and materialistic symbiosis Aesthetics.

Back shell

The sitting and back shells are designed with imitation biological lines as an integrated package. The carefully calculated proportion conforms to ergonomics. With the elastic chair back made of brand-new imported PP material, it fits the waist and back, provides moderate support, and effectively relieves fatigue. human body stress.

chair frame

The painted chair frame is made of Q235 carbon steel pipe, T1.5mm; built-in Q235 solid carbon round steel ①12mm.


Up to 8 chairs. Stacking is an enhancement and expansion of the sitting function, which minimizes the floor space when the chair is stored, especially suitable for spaces where the number of people changes frequently.


It is equipped with a fixed and comfortable armrest design, and it is made of new imported PP material with




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