WD4000 Japanese Style Office Desk Office Desk


KLT FURNITURE - Japanese Style Office Desk 

V Shape Workstaton is designed to save office space. It has tabletops in various sizes and colors. You can choose a desktop based on the type of work they need to do. The table is equipped with solid wooden feet that provide strong support for the tabletop. Stylish and elegant, this desk can be used in co-working spaces and conference rooms.

One of the key benefits of an open desk is that it promotes collaboration and communication among colleagues. It allows for easy sharing of ideas, feedback, and resources, increasing productivity and effectiveness. Plus, it can help create camaraderie and a sense of teamwork among colleagues.

The advantage of open work desks (side-by-side desks, multi-person office workbenches facing each other) is that it can save office space. Side-by-side desks can accommodate two or more people in the same space, rather than having multiple desks take up valuable space. This is especially useful for small or shared workspaces.

  • Table top 25mm thickness, with E0/E1 standard
  • office shared workbench,suitable for shared workshop
  • Inverted Vee Steel Legs with Epoxy Powder Coat
  • Wire management system
  • Exhibition of our newest wire management system
  • There are two options of triangular tube and rectangular tube
  • Two-person/four-person/six-person two-way work stations are equipped with desk screens to enhance privacy;

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