KMAU-D training chair meeting chair with writing board with rollers


KLT FURNITURE- KMAU-D Training Chair Conference Chair with Writing Pad with Wheels

KMAU arose from the creation of a product adapted to a modern teaching method based on the concept of active learning: a learning method related to flexibility, adaptability and diverse configurations in space. KMAU is characterized by curved and three-dimensional lines that enhance the sense of layering and increase the possibility of different color combinations. The curved tubular seat frame gives an overall solid feel and also blends with the body to create the pleasant cantilever effect created by the chair's legs. This multi-purpose chair can adapt to different space environments. Because this design uses very little plastic and design lines, it can easily meet the needs of different users such as attaching armrests, writing pads or changing different tripods.

Ergonomic backrestSeat shell: The seat back is made of brand-new imported PP + glass fiber, injection molding, and the surface is textured, which has the advantages of strong toughness, durability, and easy care.

Chair frame: The chair frame is made of 25x 2.5mm carbon steel pipe, the surface is treated with baking paint, with good surface finish; good corrosion resistance, easy to scrub: moisture-proof Etc.

Chair wheel: 98000 slide test: 2000 barrier test: 102KG static load test

Writing board: Large-angle, large-area super-load-bearing writing board, combined with a 90° foldable storage function, frees up space and volume, and fully displays the most favorable size and business.

Dimensions: 800 x 840 x 670 mm

Training chairs are an important part of any organization's workforce development strategy. They provide employees with comfortable and practical seating options during training sessions, meetings and other events. The benefits of training chairs/meeting chairs range from improved comfort and posture to increased productivity and versatility.

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