MC-330 Ergonomic Chair with Armrests


MC-330 Ergonomic Chair with Armrests


The new employee chair combines comfort, functionality and design. The office chair is suitable for long hours in the office and helps relieve back pain and stiff shoulders. The staff chair has a height adjustment function and a backrest angle adjustment function, which can be adjusted according to user preferences. Plus, the employee chairs have a simple and sleek design that blends in with any office interior.

Our new staff chair will help improve office productivity in the future. We will continue to work hard to develop better products and provide the best products to our customers.

Executive chair is an office chair that can provide managers with a comfortable experience, which can speed up their work efficiency. It can be placed in the manager's office to allow colleagues to enjoy the working environment more effectively and handle cases that need to be resolved.


PP and fiberglass back frame
6-position up-and-down armrest on PU surface
3-position locking chassis
65mm countersunk 0mm air rod
350 nylon feet
60/25 nylon wheels


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