The Mello is a rounded sofa with plush seat and backrest. The sofa makes use of high-quality fabric as upholstery to provide a luxurious look. The Mello series is available in one-, two- and three-seater options. Thus , you can select one depending on the size of the room and your overall décor. This sofa series is available in different color options.

Mello is a round sofa with plush seat and back. The sofa uses high-quality fabrics for the upholstery, providing a luxurious look. The Mello range offers one-seater, two-seater and three-seater options. You can choose one according to the size of the room and the overall decoration. Mello is available in different colours.

Product Features
Sofa with plush seating, backrest and armrests
Upholstered using high-quality fabric

Product Features

Sofa with plush seat, back and armrests

●Use high quality for decoration

Inspired from jelly sweets, the shape of Mello is round, organic and elegant. Touched round and smooth, the shapes of back and armsrests serve an excellent seating experience as well. of unique fabric, Mello series shows the brilliant temperature, which is born to be the bright points wherever it's served. Mello series consists of 1-seaters, 2-seats, 3-seaters, which make it possible to fit any needs of lounge while lighting the spaces.

The design inspiration of the Mello series comes from the square jelly candy. The designer observes the rounded edges, plump shape and soft texture of the candy, and extracts the elements into the furniture design. In terms of shape, Mello has a candy-like round shape and a puffy shape full of gas, which makes people feel that this is a very "delicious" sofa. In terms of color, relatively light and bright fabrics are selected, which are more fashionable and brighten up the space. Its large piping trim details add a touch of sophistication. Mello is equipped with three styles of single, double and triple, which can meet different space sizes.


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