Mello sofa


Inspired from jelly sweets, the shape of Mello is round, organic and elegant. Touched round and smooth, the shapes of back and arms serve an excellent seating experience as well. With the use of unique fabric, Mello series shows the brilliant temperature, which is born to be the bright points wherever it's served. Mello series consists of 1-seaters,2-seats,3-seaters, which make it possible to fit any needs of lounge while lighting the spaces.

The design inspiration of the

Mello series comes from square jellybeans. The designer observes the rounded edges, plump
shape and soft taste of the candy, and extracts the elements into the home design. Mello has a candy-like round
and vibrant puffy shape, which makes people feel that this is a very "delicious" sofa. In terms of color,
chose relatively light and bright fabrics, which are more fashionable and brighten up the space. The decorative details of its large piping
joints are more exquisite.
Mello is equipped with single, double, and three-seater styles to choose from, which can meet the
needs of different space sizes, and make the quiet space sprout a different kind of beauty and interest.

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