CT-56 round conference table


KLT FURNITURE- CT-56 Round Conference Table

Circular conference table/Conference table is a novel form of conference table, which has become more and more popular in many enterprises and academic institutions in recent years. The circular meeting table not only provides a comfortable meeting environment, but also an effective communication tool.

Circular conference table is a table with a circular design. Compared with traditional conference rooms, the circular conference table is more open, and it does not have a clear dividing line like a long table. In addition, the circular conference table can also create a more relaxed atmosphere, allowing participants to express their opinions more freely. This relaxed atmosphere helps participants reduce stress and better utilize their creativity and imagination.

The circular conference table has a wide range of applications. It can be used for internal meetings, staff training, or small meetings. In these occasions, the circular conference table can provide an open, equal and effective discussion platform, so that participants can better communicate and discuss issues.

  • Round top with star leg base
  • Teak/Walnut/White Aluminum Base Tabletop
  • Available in 3 different heights

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