KATA-A Training chair

color: 白色


KLT FURNITURE- KATA-A Training chair

Training chairs can provide the following benefits: Improved comfort: The comfort of training chairs is higher than that of ordinary chairs, which can reduce the pressure on the spine when sitting for a long time, and reduce low back pain and fatigue. Improve posture: The design of the training chair can help maintain correct sitting posture, reduce the load and pressure on the body when sitting for a long time, and help improve posture. Improve efficiency: A comfortable seat can make the human body feel better, more emotionally stable, and improve learning or work efficiency. Promote health: The design of the training chair can promote blood circulation and help prevent muscle fatigue and back pain. In short, choosing a suitable training chair can not only improve learning or work efficiency, but also help maintain a good sitting posture and promote health

The design concept of KATA comes from the modern color matching, to create a chair that is not limited by the layout and can switch scene modes freely. With a variety of contrasting colors, this chair provides many opportunities to decorate the space, providing more possibilities for different scenes. We created multiple scenes for KATA, and explored more possibilities through the four themed spaces of modern restaurant, leisure bookstore, training classroom and leisure reception.

The KATA series adopts slim lines to show an elf-like visual sense. The simple design does not lose the function of stacking and rowing. The ergonomic chair back and silent floor mat are even more unique. Small size and easy installation make the whole complement each other perfectly.

  • Comfortable chair back
  • Fixed chair frame/foot pad
  • Stackable
  • Concealed connection device

Dimensions: 535 x 820 x 560 mm

Training chairs are an important part of any organization's workforce development strategy. They provide employees with comfortable and practical seating options during training sessions, meetings and other events. The benefits of training chairs/meeting chairs range from improved comfort and posture to increased productivity and versatility.


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