KELA-D Training Chair



Training chairs can provide the following benefits: Improved comfort: The comfort of training chairs is higher than that of ordinary chairs, which can reduce the pressure on the spine when sitting for a long time, and reduce low back pain and fatigue. Improve posture: The design of the training chair can help maintain correct sitting posture, reduce the load and pressure on the body when sitting for a long time, and help improve posture. Improve efficiency: A comfortable seat can make the human body feel better, more emotionally stable, and improve learning or work efficiency. Promote health: The design of the training chair can promote blood circulation and help prevent muscle fatigue and back pain. In short, choosing a suitable training chair can not only improve learning or work efficiency, but also help maintain a good sitting posture and promote health

KELA was born out of our need to create a functional training product that was modern, stylish and innovative. The design concept is to propose an aesthetic of organic and continuous lines in the exterior structure, allowing the curved surface to merge the backrest and armrest into a single shape, giving it an innovative appearance with contemporary aesthetics. In order to continue this design concept, the legs also show the beauty of continuity, as if they are the extension of the plastic structure, which makes the product more consistent and light as a whole.

Dimensions: 630 x 790-845 x 650 mm

Additionally, our training/meeting chairs feature the following:

  • Simple design, suitable for various office environments
  • Height-adjustable seat for users of different heights
  • The back frame armrest is integrally formed to effectively relieve the pressure around the shoulders.
  • A swivel seat for easy movement or steering by the user.
  • The base can be raised and lowered to easily find the height that suits you.
  • Durable material that won't wear or break over time

Our training chairs/meeting chairs have undergone strict testing and quality inspection, you can choose our products with confidence. We hope this training chair/meeting chair can bring your company a better working experience and a more efficient meeting experience.



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