WD217 V-shaped foot office platform shared with screen



The office area is composed of various office furniture, and the staff desk (workbench/desk) is an integral part of the entire office environment ecosystem. How to make office furniture play a corresponding role in each space requires reasonable planning. The staff office desk / is the staff desk where the purchase quantity of office furniture is relatively large.

Office Workbench (Office Workbench / Office Desk) Office furniture is an integral part of the modern office environment. They provide employees with a comfortable and professional workspace,and help increase productivity and efficiency.

Workbenches in modern offices are often L-shaped or rectangular in design to provide adequate desk space and storage space. They are usually made of wood, steel or other durable materials and come with drawers, cabinets and other storage devices. High-quality office furniture can make employees feel comfortable and relaxed, and can be adjusted to the ideal working height and angle. Workbenches in offices also often have cord management features that can help keep your office tidy and organized.

  • Table top 25mm thick, with E0/E1 standard
  • Office table shared workbench,Suitable for shared workshop
  • Wire management system
  • Exhibition of our newest wire management system
  • There are two options of triangular tube and rectangular tube
  • Two-person/four-person/six-person two-way work stations are equipped with desk screens to enhance privacy;

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