WD2100 Hot Desk Sales Desk Set


KLT FURNITURE- WD2100 Hot desk set

The office area is composed of various office furniture, and the staff desk (workbench/desk) is an integral part of the entire office environment ecosystem. How to make office furniture play a corresponding role in each space requires reasonable planning. The staff office desk / is the staff shared desk that purchases a large amount of office furniture.

For the furniture in the office area of ​​the staff, in a spacious space, some fashionable screen staff desks are generally selected, which can not only pay attention to privacy, but also better divide the area. The size of the desk desktop should be 1400 as much as possible. -600 specifications, with a desk of this width, it is believed that employees will be more comfortable at work, and the disposable office space will also increase significantly.

Work is a part of life. Establishing a well-equipped, clean and comfortable workplace can help improve work efficiency, bring more spare time, and allow you to explore more possibilities in life. KLT specializes in supplying office furniture for various industries such as schools, organizations and office buildings: writing desks, staff desks, clerk desks, work desks, work desks, meeting desks, office desks, office chairs, lockers... everything.

  • The size can be customized according to customer requirements
  • It takes about 3-4 weeks to order

What is the standard size of a desk?

Generally, the height of a fixed staff desk usually falls within 74cm, and the width of the standard screen table is from 70cm160cm, and it can also be matched with the side The table forms a L-shaped office seat, or you can directly choose an integrally formed L-shaped table or an angle 120°V-shaped table board; the tabletop width of the independent table has the choice of 120cm160cm, through the main table board, side table board, or L table board, etc. can also be used There are a variety of seat combination variations.

You can choose different styles according to the place where you work. Whether it is a desk or a screen desk, the height of 750mm remains the same. The regular size of the desk is 1200*600mm and 1400*700mm are more commonly used, and the regular size of the screen is one. The regular size of the L-shaped screen desk is 1200*600mm: 1200*1400mm, and the height of the screen is usually 1100mm or 1200mm.

Practicalstaffdesks that can be changed flexibly can improve work efficiency and promote communication among colleagues.

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