WD4200 Japanese Style Office Desk Cupboard Privacy Shields for Staff desks


KLT FURNITURE- WD4200 Japanese Style Office Desk Working Desk

The Japanese-style office workbench with desk dividers for staff has a simple design, and is mainly used for office work such as using a laptop computer, processing files and other clerical work. There is usually a drawer in the center of the desktop where stationery can be stored. Sometimes the workbench will also have a shelf for folders or other items on the side of the table.

Japanese-style office workbenches are known for their clean design and size for Japanese office spaces. Not only are they functionally satisfying basic office needs , but aesthetically they also reflect the beauty of traditional Japanese design. Japanese-style office workbenches are becoming an important source of inspiration for office design around the world.


The WD4200 adds a vibrant look to your office interior. The highlight of this table is the perfect blend of colours, offering a sophisticated look. The table top is designed in white and your choice ofleg color to provide a striking look to your office. The desk has a built-in switchboard for connecting your electronic devices.



  • Table top 25mm thick with E0/E1 standard
  • Office table shared workbench, suitable for shared workshop
  • Wire management system
  • There are two types of inverted U iron pipe and rectangular pipe with painted steel frame to choose from;
  • Simple design for a light, stylish feel;
  • Available with U-shaped and rectangular legs.
  • Table top with 30×60 triangular legs
  • Simple connection, easy to disassemble
  • Can be customized to specify the color and size
  • Can be combined freely

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