WD4900 L-shaped desk with tall panel


KLT FURNITURE-WD4900 L-shaped desk with tall panel

L-shaped desk with full-width floor-to-ceiling screen / office desk with high privacy floor-to-ceiling screen

The L-shaped table is equipped with a full-width floor-to-ceiling screen, which separates the office space of each user, improves privacy, and has better sound insulation effect.

  • Improve privacy and confidentiality: High screens can block the view from above and protect the privacy in the working space.
  • Effective noise isolation: the high screen has excellent sound insulation effect, which can reduce the interference of various external noises during work and create a more private and quiet working environment.
  • Good space allocation: help you place tools, files and equipment in different areas, making your work more efficient.
  • Beautiful and practical: the products are beautiful in shape, with various colors and styles, matching the modern office environment.


  • Tabletop 25mm thickness with E0/E1 standard
  • Office table shared workbench, suitable for shared workshop
  • Wire management system
  • Combined form design, flexible and changeable;
  • A variety of designs are available, such as: rectangular, L-shaped, Y-shaped, sliding table with low cabinet
  • The screen has a variety of materials and colors to choose from;
  • Wiring boxes and wire hanging baskets can effectively organize wires and cables;
  • Two-person/four-person/six-person two-way work stations are equipped with desk screens to enhance privacy
  • Inverted V-shaped steel legs with epoxy powder coat


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