WD5900 Japanese Style Office Desk Office Desk


KLT FURNITURE- WD5900 Japanese Style Office Desk Office Desk

The Japanese-style office workbench has a simple design and is mainly used for office work such as using a laptop computer, handling files and other clerical work. There is usually a drawer in the center of the desktop where stationery can be stored. Sometimes the workbench will also have a shelf for folders or other items on the side of the table.

Japanese-style office workbenches are known for their clean design and size for Japanese office spaces. Not only do they meet basic office needs functionally, but they also aesthetically reflect the beauty of traditional Japanese design. Japanese-style office workbenches are becoming an important source of inspiration for office design around the world.

  • Tabletop 25mm thickness with E0/E1 standard
  • Office table shared workbench, Suitable for shared workshop
  • Wire management system
  • Exhibition of our newest wire management system
  • There are two options of triangular tube and rectangular tube
  • Inverted U-shaped steel legs with epoxy powder coat
  • 2/4/6 – Work stations with desk dividers ensure privacy.

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