BETA high cabinets 辦公室高身儲物櫃


KLT FURNITURE-META high cabinets 辦公室高身文件櫃

The office locker is designed to be simple and stylish, and the full extension ball bearing slide provides a versatile workspace. The locker is suitable for file size: A4 and F4, with anti-tipping structure, durable and good looking.

辦公室儲物櫃設計簡單而時尚,全伸展滾珠軸承滑動提供多功能的工作空間。儲物櫃適合文件大小:A4 和 F4,採用防傾結構耐用又耐看

  • File size: A4 and F4
  • Pencil tray
  • Anti-tilt structure
  • Simple and sleek
  • Providing privacy
  • Highly functional workspace


  • Wood (with different colors)


  • Tailor-made (please contact us)


* 所有產品尺寸均為近似值,可能大約相差1mm至3mm。
* 如有任何爭議, KLT Furniture 保留最終決定權

* Actual product colors may vary slightly due to printed/web color. Color accuracy varies depending on monitor calibration; real samples are available in our showroom.

* All the dimensions approximation, please allow 1mm to 3mm difference.

* KLT reserves the right to correct errors and misprints and to change product specifications. 

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