Harper Modern Leather Office Chair Harper現代真皮辦公椅


Harper Modern 皮革辦公椅採用白蠟木飾面,是您現代家居或商業辦公空間的絕妙補充。 豪華、舒適、實用、時尚。 靠背、座椅和扶手都覆蓋著皮革內飾,提供舒適的支撐。 它穩固地立在光滑的鍍鉻底座上,具有可調節的高度和移動的輪子。

The Harper Modern Leather Office Chair in ash finish is a wonderful addition to your contemporary home or commercial office space. It is luxurious, comfortable, practical and stylish. The back, seat and arm are covered with leather upholstery, providing a comfortable support. It stands sturdy on a sleek chrome base with adjustable height and moving wheels.

COLORS AVAILABLE Please refer to swatch above. For more colors please contact KLT

KLT HK Modern Furniture and  Office Furniture Hong Kong - Office Chairs
Harper Modern Leather Office Chair

Width: 70cm; Depth: 52cm; Height: 119cm
Seat Height: 46cm

MATERIAL Synthetic Leather or Genuine Leather


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