• Dimensions(mm): Length: 675    Width:695   Height:1180-1275
  • Fixed headrest, black nylon with glass fiber chair body, movable waist
  • Setting sponge
  • T type PU lifting armrest
  • Mid-range butterfly chassis with in-sit locking, without bottom shell
  • 4cm black steam rod
  • 340 nylon high feet
  • 50mm black nylon wheel.


  • 尺寸(mm):長度:675  寬度:695   高度:1180-1275
  • 細紋西皮弧面定型海綿頭枕,尼龍+ 24%玻璃纖維背架帶升降腰靠
  • PU升降扶手
  • 定型海綿
  • 配原位鎖定底盤
  • 100#沉口4公分黑色汽桿
  • 340 mm 尼龍高腳
  • 60 mm PU輪黑色輪


*color accuracy varies depending on monitor calibration, real samples are available in our showroom.

* All the dimensions approximation, please allow 1cm to 3cm difference.

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