EX Conference 圓角長方形會議檯


有效溝通始於一個舒適而具型格的會談環境外,還有一張精心挑選的會議枱/會議桌,KLT正正可以為你您提供最合適的設計及最細心的服務,打造最理想實用的工作空間。 我們提供寫字樓傢俬及用品,包括辦公檯、辦公椅、工作枱,會議檯和大班椅等,度身訂造合適辦公室傢俱方案。

  • 可根據客人要求訂做尺寸
  • 需訂貨約3-4星期

Effective communication starts with a comfortable and stylish meeting environment, as well as a carefully selected conference table. KLT can provide you with the most suitable design and the most attentive service to create the most ideal and practical workspace. We provide office furniture and supplies, including office desks, office chairs, work desks, conference desks and executive chairs, etc., tailor-made to suit your office furniture.

  • Size can be customized according to customer requirements.
  •  Available in Veneer Desk Top
  • Desk Leg in Aluminum Die-Cast w/ Black Colour Tube

  •  Desk Top in Rectangular / Barrel Shape

  •  Optional w/ Add-on Cable Management

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  • Tel:3611 2738, 2152 9068
  • Whatsapp: 6936 2867
  • Email : lt68@kltjp.com



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