EDR-004C 悠閒椅 餐椅


In design, D-ROUND adopts the classic shape of embracing. The soft curve shape highlights the lazy and full body, but a diamond-shaped multi-diamond design is created on the side of the seat, making the entire chair in There are rich levels of expression in the environment.

  • 尺寸(mm):600*560*800-960
  • 一體成型PP椅座,開放白/灰/黃色,標配定型坐墊;
  • (改款不標配後端軟包)
  • 任選五種顏色SN布;
  • 拋光鋁合金四星腳;
  • 備註:不含殘餘軟包!塑料開放白/灰/黃色,常規配套白色鋼架



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