EMD3300 L型辦公桌


KLT專為各行各業如學校、團體及寫字樓等供應辦公室傢俬: 寫字枱,職員枱,文員枱,工作枱,工作摺枱,會議枱,辦公枱,辦公椅,儲物櫃… 應有盡有。


KLT specializes in supplying office furniture for various industries such as schools, groups and office buildings: office desks, staff desks, clerical desks, work desks, conference desks, office desks, office chairs, lockers... so on.

This L-shaped work desk separates the space for computer work and word processing. Although the overall size is huge, it can obtain more office space when the depth of space is insufficient; and as long as it is planned reasonably, It will not affect the decoration style of the room.

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