EMD400 T 型 主管工作枱




Beauty and functionality are combined together in the EMD400 executive table. This table can be designed as a freestanding table or attached to the wall according to your preference. The legs of the table not only provide a stylish look but also good support. The EMD400 is made of high-quality materials that brings strength and durability to the furniture.

EMD400 集美觀和功能在在一身。該桌子可以設計成獨立式桌子,也可以根據您的喜好固定在牆上。桌子的腿不僅提供時尚的外觀,而且還提供良好的支撐。 EMD400由優質材料製成,可為家具帶來強度和耐用性。

Product Features
● Executive table for office and co-working space
● Can be designed as a freestanding or built-in unit
● Stylish look and good support


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