EMD900 行政檯 L-型系列




EMD900  aims to strike a balance between material and form. EMD900 office desks come in elegant colors and textures to suit the needs of the modern manager. The desk has a timeless shape which is built extra thick with impeccable workmanship. The desk is available in multiple wood veneer finishes, with or without leather inlay.

EMD900旨在在材料和形式之間取得平衡。 EMD900辦公桌具有優雅的色彩和質感,可滿足現代經理的需求。辦公桌具有永恆的形狀,並且以無可挑剔的做工打造出超厚的外觀。辦公桌有多種木質貼面飾面,可帶或不帶皮革鑲嵌。

Product Features:
● Finish options in wood: elm, American walnut, ebony
● Finish options in leather: red, brown, anthracite, black
● Safe solution for global communication systems with undertop cable baskets and cable flaps







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