ET114E-N Standing desk frame (With single motor) 站立式桌架

Size: 120*60cm
Color: Black


KLT FURNITURE-ET114E-N Standing desk frame (With single motor) 站立式桌架

簡介 (Introduction)

Introducing our best-selling model, a standing desk created by listening to your needs! Say goodbye to spine health issues and hello to healthy active living.

  • Single Motor
  • Advanced
  • Economical
  • More Stable

KLT最暢銷的型號,通過傾聽您的需求而創建的站立式辦公桌! 告別脊柱健康問題,迎接健康積極的生活。

  • 單電機
  • 先進的
  • 經濟
  • 更穩定

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