FC001 Metal Cabinet with Wheels 文件櫃


KLT FURNITURE-FC001 Metal Cabinet with Wheels

  • Adjustable shelves
  • Three-point lock system
  • Easy to understand


The cabinet with adjustable shelves and bolts can better meet your storage needs according to the file size. With the classic looking, but more modern functions, the cabinet adjustable shelves provide more flexible space , which can maximize the utilization of the space.



Two key, One Lock. The unique design of three-point lock system makes you free from the trouble of file loss. There are four wheels under the cabinet, you can freely move to the place you like, which is good for your work.


The cabinet will be sent with a installation instruction, which is pretty simple and easy to understand. It will take up to 40 minutes to finish the whole process of installing. Please enjoy it.

Metal Cabinet with Wheels 001
Color Black
Capacity 120 Pounds
Package Dimensions 810.006*739.902*149.86mm
Item Weight 62.83pounds




安全&鎖定 兩把鑰匙,一把鎖。獨特的三點鎖系統設計,讓您擺脫文件丟失的煩惱。櫃子下面有四個輪子,你可以自由移動到你喜歡的地方,有利於你的工作。

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