KMS-009 培訓椅/會議椅 寫字板


KLT FURNITURE- KMS-007 培訓椅/會議椅

- 外觀活潑優雅,巧妙地將美感、形式和功能與簡單的線條融為一體

- 以圓點紋理為設計元素,在整體簡約設計中加入活潑的元素 

- 精緻的外殼有 4 種顏色可供選擇,可配置帶或不帶墊

- 伸縮桌子,多功能折疊,方便更節省空間


- The exterior is lively and elegant, blends beauty, form and function with simple lines

- According to the dot texture as the design element, add the lively element in the overall simple design

- The delicate shell is available in 4 colors and can be configured with or without cushion

- Flexible tablet, multi-function folding, convenient and more space saving


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