KSN-003 培訓椅/會議椅


KLT FURNITURE-KSN-003 Traning Chair 培訓椅/會議椅

- 嚴格按照人體工程學設計,光滑的曲面緊貼人體背部曲線

- 優質面料,精細封邊,靠背和座墊採用340g平紋面料,隱形底部也有細邊,不留粗糙

- 腳底緊密配備黑色防滑腳墊,更好地保護地板

- 12MM厚滑雪架,加固穩固連接,堅固的三腳架,牢固的支撐


- The smooth curved surface of the whole body closely adheres to the curve of the bak of the human body, fully liberating the sitting posture

- High-quality fabrics, fine edge banding, the backrest and seat cushion are made of 340g plain weave fabric, the invisible bottom is also finely edged, without leaving rough

- The bottom of the foot is closely equipped with black non-slip foot pads to better protect the floor

- 12MM thick ski rack, reinforced and stable connection, solid tripod, firmly supported 


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