KT-02 Single Motor 2 Stages Standing Desk 兩節式電動升降桌


KLT FURNITURE -KT-02  Single Motor 2 Stages Standing Desk 兩節式電動升降桌


KT-02 Single Motor is generally suitable for people with small to medium builds, especially Asians. A single motor is as quiet as a dual motor, but a single motor will move slightly slower and weigh less than a dual motor.
Standing desks are suitable for offices, homes, schools, hospitals, learning centers, co-working spaces. 


Desktop framework with advanced features
The standing desk is designed according to the requirements of North American ergonomic standards and is one of the advanced desks with high quality dual motors. The tabletop frame is made of high-grade steel to eliminate any wobble even at the highest adjustment points, and its powerful motor plus two-stage outriggers ensure smooth and fluid transitions throughout the day.

Spacious work surface
The eco-sourced 1219.2x609.6mm desktop provides ample room for a variety of monitor and laptop setups, plus extra space for ongoing projects and office supplies.

Generous under-desk space
The legs are offset towards the back of the table to make room for cabinets, bases, keyboard trays and other accessories, making them more convenient and comfortable to use in everyday life.

Adjustable table base
If your desk legs are uneven, causing the desk to tilt, simply use the leveling slides on the bottom of the desk to stabilize and level the desk.


Details & dimensions:

  • Rectangle tops are available in 1219.2x609.6mm
  • Contoured tops are not available in some sizes
  • Laminate top thickness: 25mm


  • Chipboard - A sturdy material that holds up well under pressure, creates stable desks without weak spots.

 E9 details:

  • 110 lbs lifting capacity
  • 728.98 - 1229.36mm adjustable height
  • Industry-leading warranty: 5 year for the frame, motor and other mechanisms, and 2 year for the controller and switch, electronics
  • Whisper quiet: Operating noise less than 50dB
  • Desktop Size: 1219.2x609.6mm

KT-02 的電動升降桌為市場上符合人體工程學的任何客戶提供了通用的解決方案。
Single Motor 通常適合中小型身材的人,尤其是亞洲人。單電機與雙電機一樣安靜,但單電機的移動速度會稍慢一些,重量也比雙電機輕。站立式辦公桌適用於辦公室、家庭、學校、醫院、學習中心、聯合辦公空間。堅固的桌面框架具有單電機升降系統。乾淨時尚的設計,結合多種可自定義的顏色選項,使其成為任何桌面風格的完美搭配。


  • 單馬達
  • 兩節式
  • 白色桌腳


站立式升降桌standing desk按照北美人體工學標準要求設計,是採用高品質雙電機的先進辦公桌之一。桌面框架由高級鋼製成,即使在最高調節點也能消除任何晃動,其強大的電機加上兩級支腿確保全天平穩流暢的過渡。

生態資源的 48" x 24" 桌面為各種顯示器和筆記本電腦設置提供了充足的空間,並為正在進行的項目和辦公用品提供了額外的空間。





  1. 找一把符合人體工學椅子。
  2. 頭要往向後靠著,不能向前傾。
  3. 有良好的骨盆支撐性椅子。
  4. 坐著時膝蓋呈90度,腳後跟平放在地板上。
  5. 電腦屏幕和眼睛在同一個水平的高度。
  6. 每隔30分鐘交替坐立。

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