PROV-A 職員座椅 布料椅背 人體工學


PROV-A 職員座椅 布料椅背 人體工學

- Swivel chair
High, mid-back swivel chair with nylon back frame and fixed armrests in German mesh fabric

- Chassis
Independent research and development of wire-controlled chassis, which can be raised and lowered, with tilt and in-situ locking functions

- Aluminum alloy feet
Type A: Korea KGS 85mm stroke 4-stage air pressure rod, 340MM aluminum alloy polished feet, with 60MM PU casters

- Height 1150~1230mm
- Seat depth 600mm
- Seat width 480mm
- Backrest width 480mm


- 轉椅

- 底盤

- 鋁合金腳
A款:韓國KGS 85mm行程4級氣壓棒,340MM鋁合金拋光腳,配中60MM PU腳輪

- 高度 1150~1230mm
- 座椅深度 600mm
- 座椅寛度 480mm
- 椅背寛度 480mm

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