HFF030- 培訓椅/會議椅 可折疊


KLT FURNITURE- HFF030- 培訓椅/會議椅 可折疊

- 坐椅配有海綿坐墊,舒緩臂部壓力

- 防刮耐磨PU輪, 滑順靈巧,安靜無聲

- 輕薄扶手設計, 舒適靠手

- 座椅可疊放收納,提升空間利用率


- Seat with foam cushion to relieve arm pressure

- Anti-scratch and wear-resistant PU wheels, smooth and flexible, quiet and silent

- Lightweight armrest design, comfortable hand rest

- Seats can be stacked and stored to improve space utilization



HFF030 respond to the need for an easy-to-carry, easy-to-stack, and easy-to-move
chair. Designed for quick sits between meetings, trainings and teamwork, HFF030 delivers significant comfort with a waterfall seat edge that eases pressure points. The
slots in the backrest offer cooling ventilation and its shape comfort to body shape, and no-fuss elbow rests let you move close to your desk without adjustments. HFF030 allows you to move freely, create dynamic spaces, and store it easily because it is designed for easiness in vertical stacking thanks its tip-up seat that is available in six
fashion colors.

HFF030椅輕巧便於移動,可折疊易於收納,可以滿足會議、培訓、小組討論及其他多種用途的場景需求。座板的形態,特別是圓潤的邊緣細節,符合人體工程學,座面壓力分佈均勻,滿足用戶使用的舒適性;獨特優雅的鏤空線條設計,使用戶背部舒適透氣,同時也增強了椅背整體的柔韌性,滿足不同坐姿需求;底部滑輪方便用戶自由移動。可翻折的特性,使得HFF030椅方便堆疊收納,最大限度利用空間。 6款時尚色彩隨意搭配,滿足不同用戶的喜好。

Dimension (mm):

Chair: 550 x 550 x 795mm

Table: L 1200/1500/1800mm * W 600mm* H 760mm


* Actual product colors may vary slightly due to printed/web color. Color accuracy varies depending on monitor calibration; real samples are available in our showroom.

* All the dimensions approximation, please allow 1mm to 3mm difference.

* KLT reserves the right to correct errors and misprints and to change product specifications. 
*If for any reason we are unable to supply the goods will be full refunded to you.


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