SC12 Repo Steel Cabinet 儲物櫃


KLT FURNITURE-SC12 Repo Steel Cabinet 儲物櫃

A range of metal storage units. The range consists Pedestal, Caddy, Tambour unit with optional Planter Box and Swing Door.

KLT FURNITURE PEDESTAL is a functional and stylish pedestal on castors with 2 personal drawers and 1 file drawer. The front has a flush finish with recessed sides and a locking mechanism

一系列金屬存儲單元。範圍包括基座、球童、 Tambour 單元帶有可選的種植箱和旋轉門。

一款實用且時尚的腳輪底座,帶 2 個個人抽屜和 1 個文件抽屜。前面有一個齊平的完成凹陷的側面和鎖定機構。




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