SC14- Squadron Steel Cabinet 儲物櫃


KLT FURNITURE-SC13- Squadron Steel Cabinet 儲物櫃


The collection consists of Tambour cabinet with an optional Planter Box and Lineal cabinet available in standard and custom powder coat finishes. Offering an increased level of security, the secure aluminium tambour door recedes smoothly into the cabinet carcass leaving office aisles and walkways unobstructed. The tambour door are made of environmentally sustainable ps door slats (non pvc) and offers an interchangeable and removable lock barrels and adjustable levelling feet. With one of the most flexible interior configurations, the Squadron cabinet range can be tailored with a number of functional accessories including metal divider, roll out file frame, roll out reference shelf, adjustable shelf, coat rail and multimedia drawer. The optional Planter Box is an ideal solution to soften office environments in a clean and contemporary way. These popular boxes are mounted on top of the Squadron storage units and can accommodate 3 or 4 pots. The Planter Box also features an in-built gravel tray for decorative concealment and reinforced base. Anti skid rubber pads prevent both movement and marking. The Squadron Lineal matches our Squadron Tambour range so as to integrate into your office environment. Functionality is still paramount and this cabinet range is a quality made, classic storage solution. Available with two, three or four drawers, the Squadron Lineal accommodates two rows of foolscap front-to-back or left-to-right filing.

系列包括 Tambour 櫥櫃和一個可選的標準和定製粉末的播種機盒和線性櫃 外套完成。提供更高級別的安全性,安全鋁 捲門平穩地退回到櫃體中,離開辦公室過道 和暢通無阻的人行道。捲門由環保材料製成 可持續 ps 門板(非 pvc)並提供可互換和 可拆卸的鎖桶和可調節的水平腳。與最 靈活的內部配置,Squadron 機櫃系列可定制 帶有許多功能配件,包括金屬隔板、卷出文件 框架、展開參考架、可調節架、掛衣桿和多媒體 抽屜。可選的種植箱是軟化辦公室的理想解決方案 以乾淨和現代的方式環境。這些流行的盒子是 安裝在中隊存儲單元的頂部,可容納 3 或 4個鍋。播種機盒還具有用於裝飾的內置礫石托盤 隱蔽和加固底座。防滑橡膠墊可防止兩者 運動和標記。 Squadron Lineal 與我們的中隊相匹配 Tambour 系列以融入您的辦公環境。功能性 仍然是最重要的,這個櫥櫃系列是優質的經典存儲 解決方案。 Squadron Lineal 提供兩個、三個或四個抽屜 可容納兩排從前到後或從左到右的糊狀銼刀。

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