KVIX-B-1 職員座椅 透氣網布 人體工學


KVIX-B-1 職員座椅 透氣網布 人體工學

- 3D armrest lift
Move back and forth, move left and right, and can adapt to different body shapes and support the arms in different postures through adjustment.

- Ergonomics
In-situ tilting chassis, one-key locking, safe explosion-proof up and down, stable and reliable; Korean KGS 4 (dehumidified) air pressure rod

- Height 990~1070mm
- Seat depth 600~650mm
- Seat width 665mm
- Seat back width 475mm


- 3D扶手升降

- 人體工學
原位傾仰底盤,一鍵鎖定,安全防爆上下升降,穩定可靠;韓國KGS 4級(気化處理)氣壓棒

- 高度 990~1070mm
-座椅深度 600~650mm
- 座椅寛度 665mm
- 椅背寬度 475mm


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