SC1 白色鋼櫃 White open steel cabinet


KLT Furniture-SC1 白色鋼櫃 White open steel cabinet

The steel switch of the office locker is epoxy powder-coated and the cabinet color is white, which feels simple and uncluttered. A4, F4 documents can be placed to create more office work space, and it is convenient for employees to search for documents. This steel cabinet has a trendy design. There are no panel doors on the upper two floors, so that documents and files can be seen at a glance; the lower layer has door panels.

KLT Furniture辦公室儲物櫃鋼掣帶環氧粉末塗層,櫃身顏色為白色,感覺簡約而整潔。可以擺放A4, F4文件,打造更多辦公室工作空間,而且方便員工搜尋文件。這鋼櫃設計款式新潮,上兩層沒有板門,令文件檔案一目了然;下層則加入門板。

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