WD4200 職員工作枱組合


WD4200 a good look to your office interiors with the executive table. The highlight of this table is the perfect blend of colors that provides a sophisticated look. The tabletop is designed in white and the legs can be designed in colors of your choice. You can choose different colors to provide a striking look to your office. The table comes with a built-in switchboard that can be used to connect your electronic gadgets.

WD4200 為您的辦公室室內增添生氣勃勃的外觀。這張桌子的亮點是色彩的完美融合,提供精緻的外觀。桌面設計為白色,您可選擇桌腿的顏色,為您的辦公室提供醒目的外觀。該桌子帶有一個內置總機,可用於連接您的電子設備。

Product Features
● Highly functional desk for office and co-working space
● Available Various color choices
● Built-in switchboard for added functionality





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