WD8600 梯型辦公桌


KLT專為各行各業如學校、團體及寫字樓等供應辦公室傢俬: 寫字枱,職員枱,文員枱,工作枱,工作摺枱,會議枱,辦公枱,辦公椅,儲物櫃… 應有盡有。

  • 可根據客人要求訂做尺寸
  • 需訂貨約3-4星期

KLT specializes in supplying office furniture for various industries such as schools, groups and office buildings: writing desks, staff desks, clerk desks, work desks, work folding desks, conference desks, office desks, office chairs, lockers... everything.

  • Size can be customized according to customer requirements
  • It takes about 3-4 weeks to order

Contact us:

  • Tel:3611 2738, 2152 9068
  • Whatsapp: 6936 2867
  • Email : lt68@kltjp.com

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