WD1900 Y型職員辦公桌組合



WD1900 is a series of desks and tables that provide a stylish and trendy look to your office space. It is made of a high-quality steel and solid-color or wood grain MFC. The desk is available in different styles and colors to suit all office environments. The WS-02 desking system would make a great addition to office and co-working spaces.

WD1900 可為您的辦公室空間提供時尚新潮的外觀。它由優質鋼和純色或木紋MFC製成。辦公桌有不同的樣式和顏色,適合所有辦公環境。 WD1900辦公桌系統將為辦公室和共同辦公空間提供很大的提升。

Product Features

  • Sturdy construction
  • Made of high-quality Aluminum and MFC
  • Can be used in offices, conference rooms, and co-working spaces.
  • Flexible
  • Powerful cable management


  • 堅固的結構
  • 由優質鋁和MFC製成
  • 可用於辦公室,會議室和共同辦公空間。
  • 靈活
  • 電纜管理

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