KH-263 Folding Chair


KLT FURNITURE- KH-263 Folding Chair  

Stackable chairs are easy to save space and give you an efficient work environment with more space. It is always suitable as a conference chair when meeting with colleagues in the office. We KLT OFFICE FURNITURE have more than 10years of experience in operating office furniture, and we specialize in providing office furniture and supplies: office desks, workbenches, meeting desks, Executive chairs, folding chairs and stacking stools, ergonomic lifting tables and chairs, tailor-made suitable office furniture solutions for everyone.

And our Stackable Chair Stackable Chair(also known as folding chair and stackable stool)suitable for small home/working space, It's lightweight enough for easy storage when it's time to clean up or make room for other activities, and it's easy to fold away. They are often used in occasions such as parties, gatherings, large meetings or events.

If you want to entertain guests like friends, you need to rely on easy-to-store lightweight folding chairs or folding stools (folding chairs | folding chairs). In addition to saving space, they are also very pleasing in appearance, suitable for activities with many friends. Essential furniture items for many government agencies and schools.

Many options in the folding chairs and stacking stools can be customized in color. If you order a large quantity, you can enjoy a higher discount. If you need it, you can contact us for a quotation and delivery date. Based on your specific needs, we can choose the stacking stool option that best suits your style!

-Integral molded PP+fiber seat
-non-slip seat cushion with shaped sponge
-fine sand powder sprayed 12mm solid steel ski frame

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