KLT Limited your Unique Office Supplier

Today, more than ever, clients want their office environments to not only be productive, but a reflection of their brand image as well.

"A Well Designed workspace is where employee want to come, want to work, and want to be" KLT Limited is a team offers support from the start of the project to after-sales service. With professional project management , we can help you, for instance to minimize your office space or enhance the image of your company as an attractive workplace. The basic service comprises a complete package.

Modern Trend | Vintage Classic
100% Confidence Promise

Commercial furniture and decoration are the soul of the store theme. We tailor-made ideal office furniture for you, including workbenches, seating chairs, storage cabinets, reception desks and conference rooms, etc., to meet the aesthetic and individual needs of the office.

In addition, we clearly list the service charges for custom-made office furniture, and there is no trick.

The biggest difference between KLT and custom-made services on the market is that we understand the needs of office design planning and engineering. Customers can fully understand the entire process from confirmation of composition to production and delivery. If you encounter any problems, you can ask the KLT commissioner at any time. In addition, the service is also guaranteed to be completed on time, and any delays will be compensated.

We are managed by professional designers from design to production, we promise you:

. Unique furniture design, in line with the overall brand image

. 1 year structural maintenance

. Whether it is drawing confirmation, production period, testing and packaging, appointment of delivery date, confirmation of delivery date, etc., all steps are clear at a glance on the date of order confirmation

. 100% quality assurance, micro-formaldehyde boards provide micro-formaldehyde E0 board options, so that you can live healthy and rest assured

. Specially installed silent dust-proof door to provide you with a neat storage space and a quiet environment. The holes in the cabinet are positioned by a computer to ensure that the laminate can be accurately installed in the cabinet

Customized office furniture

We have the flexibility to design and produce custom furniture for our clients. We will adjust the furniture according to different needs, so that each client's vision can be realized.