KTI-002 Bar Stool



Bar chairs and bar stools are two common bar furniture or office seating areas, they play an important role in providing customers with a comfortable resting environment.

Modern bar chairs are usually high chairs with a high seating surface, requiring customers to climb up and down. It provides a relatively spacious sitting surface, customers can change their sitting positions freely, and it is also convenient for group chats.

The height of the bar chair is much higher than that of ordinary chairs, and this design has its unique meaning. The higher seating surface can enable customers to get a better view in the bar and have a panoramic view of the bar. In addition, a higher position can also give customers a certain psychological advantage, making them more relaxed and confident.


  • Looking for inspiration from traditional ceramic tiles, incorporating oriental-style bar chairs, bringing the temperament and purity of oriental design
  • The shape of the curve follows the smooth line, smooth arc chamfering, forming a sense of flying line
  • The hidden design of the connection between the shell and the chair legs ensures easy assembly and aesthetics
  • The bottom of the chair legs are equipped with plastic feet for easy movement

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