F001 Khan Steel File Cabinet Combinable System


KLT FURNITURE-Khan Steel File Cabinet Free Combination / Office Combinable Sliding Door File Cabinet

Office steel cabinets are steel lockers specially designed for offices, usually used to store office supplies such as stationery, files, file folders, computer peripherals, printers, folders, etc. They usually have multiple drawers and storage spaces, and the size and combination of the storage spaces can be adjusted as needed to meet different storage needs.

Features of office steel cabinets include:

Sturdy and durable: Office steel cabinets are made of strong steel, which can withstand weight and wear and tear, and are fireproof, waterproof, and corrosion-resistant.

Security: Office steel cabinets are often equipped with locking devices to prevent unauthorized access and protect the safety of items.

Multi-level storage: Office steel cabinets usually have multiple drawers and storage spaces. The size and combination of storage spaces can be adjusted according to needs to meet different storage needs.

Easy to move: Some steel office cabinets have wheels that allow them to be easily moved to different locations for different storage and access needs.

Beautiful and practical: Office steel cabinets have a variety of appearance designs, and different styles and colors can be selected according to different office styles to make them more beautiful and practical.

Office steel cabinets are suitable for offices, schools, hospitals and homes. They can provide effective storage and management solutions, making organization more tidy and efficient.

- Steel, electrostatic spraying treatment

- Available in different heights and widths

- Available with blank spaces, sliding doors, closing doors and drawer cabinets

- Use hidden handles to ensure the safety of users

- There are two types: independent type and combined type

- Optional combination lock

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