SC3 Double Door Filing Cabinet / Steel Cabinet


KLT FURNITURE-SC3 Low Profile Steel Cabinet / Steel File Cabinet / Double Door File Cabinet

Steel double-door filing cabinets are a common type of office storage furniture. It is made of steel for durability and stability. The sliding door design allows the file cabinet to be fully opened when in use, which is convenient for accessing files, and at the same time, it can protect the security and confidentiality of files when it is closed.

Steel double-door filing cabinets usually have multiple drawers and sliding doors. Each drawer can hold multiple file folders. The sliding doors can be fully opened for easy access to files. Some steel sliding door filing cabinets also feature locks to keep sensitive documents safe.

Steel double-door filing cabinets are widely used in offices, schools, government agencies and other places. They can effectively organize and store files, and improve work efficiency and management effectiveness.

Double door steel cabinet is a type of cabinet used to store office files, paperwork and other items, usually used in offices, schools, hospitals, government agencies and other places. The design of this kind of cabinet usually has two doors and multiple drawers. Both the doors and drawers can be locked to protect the safety of the items in the cabinet. Drawers can usually hold paperwork and items of different sizes and types, such as folders, newspapers, books, files, tools, etc. They can help users manage and store items more effectively, and improve office efficiency and work efficiency.

The advantage of double-door steel cabinets is that they can effectively organize and store large quantities of items and allow users to easily access and find what they need. They also save space because they can store more items in a relatively small amount of space.
The steel cabinet is equipped with two independently lockable drawers and multiple movable shelves

The steel body is painted with an environmentally friendly powder coating process, does not contain solvents, and has no three wastes.

Multiple color options available

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The steel body is painted by powder spraying process, no solvent, no three wastes and pollution
Multiple colors, common There are light gray, beige, and black, white, charcoal gray, flash silver, etc.
with movable laminate


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