KLEX-C Multipurpose Work Chair

Cushion color: 黃色


KLEX-C Multipurpose Work Chair

KLEX series of office chairs have a generous and simple appearance, a solid structure, ergonomic design, a variety of colors endow the elegant charm of a goddess, and soft touch high-elastic sponge Seat cushions, wear-resistant and breathable woven fabrics, as well as a variety of chair legs and color configurations, outline a light and balanced artistic sense, and enrich the layering of the space, infinitely extending the atmosphere of freedom, KLEX series brings you unmatched comfort and flexible solutions.

Comfort: Integrated chair shell combined with ergonomic data perfectly interprets modernity and comfort
Stacking: A chair with stacking function, easy to store and save space
Move with you:The one-piece chair shell is made of elastic PP material, which can effectively relieve fatigue

Dimensions: 525 x 1130 x 545 mm

This high chair has become a new favorite in the modern home because it is not only functional but also provides a comfortable dining experience. The comfort of the high chair is due to its height, which allows the user to maintain a correct posture while eating, thus reducing stress on the back and neck.

The seat cushion and back of the high chair are made of soft materials, which make the user feel comfortable and relaxed while eating. The high chair can also be customized according to the user's personal preferences, such as choosing different colors, materials and shapes to meet the needs and preferences of different users.

Demand for high chairs has increased over the past few years as concerns about comfort and health have increased. People are increasingly looking to buy high-quality, comfortable and functional household items, and high chairs are the perfect choice to meet these requirements.

The materials and quality of high chairs are excellent, which makes them last longer and more durable. The high chairs are also designed to be eco-friendly, using carefully selected materials to ensure minimal impact on the environment.

In addition to dining applications, high chairs can be used in many other settings, such as offices, libraries and museums. The design of high chairs can add more modernity and style to these places, while also providing a more comfortable use experience.

Overall, high chairs are an integral part of the modern home, and their comfort, practicality and eco-friendliness make them some of the most popular dining chairs on the market. If you are looking for a high quality, comfortable and modern dining chair, look no further than the high chair.


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